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Production of self-adhesive labels

It attracts packaging for the first buyer of all, when he looks at the goods stored on shelves in a supermarket. Colorful, original, giving the impression of the original design of the label can not induce the buyer to make a purchase. Therefore, if you want your products have received recognition in the customer environment, then you must choose a high-quality production of self-adhesive labels. Flexlabel Company is an experienced manufacturer of packaging materials for our production of labels is not only a craft, but also loved art. We will create a practical labels with high aesthetic qualities, making your products gain a great advantage in comparison with any rival.

Manufacturing the labels has a number of advantages in comparison with any other packaging technology. The main advantage of self-adhesive packaging is unlimited possibilities when creating a drawing. Making labels involves the use of different methods of application of graphic elements. Among them are methods such as flexographic printing and embossing. Production of self-adhesive labels on the modern equipment provides the ability to use virtually unlimited palette of colors and shades. Even a small label can contain a bright picture with a lot of small details and inclusions, giving the product a more elegant, luxurious and unusual appearance.
Among the other factors pointing to the need to select the manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, we can note a high strength material that can successfully withstand environmental factors, as well as environmentally friendly materials, which are used for the production of labels, staining and mounting capacity in which the products are stored.

Self-adhesive labels can be used for the decoration of bottles of wine, champagne, beer, mineral water and any other drinks. In addition, there are many other food packaging which can encompass a bright original label.