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Wet wipes with logo

Wipes - a practical means of hygiene, which is always convenient to use, depending on the circumstances. Therefore napkins with logo can significantly improve the quality of service and enhance the image of any catering, beauty salons, hotels, tourist facilities, and many other places where services are provided.

Knowing how popular is a means of hygiene, we were quick to come to the aid of everyone who wants to buy wipes with its brand logo. Here you will find all the forms of packaging, as well as all kinds of wet wipes - disposable, gigienicheskie, cosmetic, antiseptic, and wet wipes with your company logo.

All our products are manufactured on modern European equipment automated. For the production of napkins used only high-quality European materials, which allow to get high quality products with full-color printing image. Image quality - this is one of the most important advantages of our services. Here you can buy wipes the logo, performed in a variety of colors and shades. Modern printing technology allows you to play intricate detailed drawings by flexographic printing. Especially for you we carry wipes with a standard size of 120x200 mm, or any other that you select. Minimum order with logo or without on: 5000 pcs.