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Hand label applicator

Hand label applicator - a practical device, with which you can quickly and efficiently produce labeled products in the production, trade, as well as for any other purpose. How much time can spend a warehouse worker or a supermarket, to paste over 1000 labels? Definitely, it may take a very long time, and if you buy the applicator labels - you are bound to save up to 70% of the time.

Label applicator can be of two types - industrial and handmade. In the first case, the installation of the print automatically, and in the second - there is mechanical work. The principle of operation of the applicator is extremely simple. Press the trigger device, you include a mechanism that separates the label from the tape. Further, the label edge appears at the output of the applicator. To install the label on the packaging with the product is simply a rubber roller applicator and the label will be attached to the surface of the package. Standard label applicator has a mechanical sensor. This device helps to determine the start of a new label to exclude the likelihood of false affixing stickers. Applicators are stable enough to fall, as they have a solid case. They are easy to use for a long period of time, as the applicator handle has a rubberized layer.