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Company FLEXLABEL - a leading printing houses in Moldova, specializing in the creation of labels and packaging for industrial products of various types. We produce labels for food products, household chemicals, pharmaceutical products, perfumery and cosmetics. In addition, we produce printing on the web material, as well as termobilety perforated, personalized labels, stickers from scratch layer. Understanding customer needs and striving to create the highest quality products, our printing house in Chisinau made a permanent part of the development of his philosophy. We pay great attention to increasing production capacity, the introduction of new technologies, as well as the expansion of the list of materials used.

In addition to the production of labels, our printing house in Chisinau, offers for sale a wide range of devices and materials required for labeling and marking. Here you will find reliable coders and thermal printers from leading manufacturers. Also, we provide a wide palette of thermal transfer ribbons. Ordering printing services company FLEXLABEL you are guaranteed to get the opportunity to benefit from the latest technologies developed in the industry of creating industrial packaging.

Quality equipment - is the key to the success of any manufacturing facility and our printing house in Chisinau is ideally suited to this principle. In our work we use the latest European technology. At our disposal are two of the printing press unit of the Danish production - Nilepeter. These devices are able to demonstrate improved efficacy because it has eight sections for printing, as well as modules producing processes such as rotary cutting, cold embossing, lamination, lamination and printing material for the adhesive layer. The printed image is always high quality, because the digital form used for its production. In the printing press in Moldova produces environmentally friendly and harmless labels using quality paints and varnishes.

One of the most powerful devices for label production using roll materials, is considered to be HP Indigo press ws4500. The company has FLEXLABEL this printing mechanism thereby capable of producing flexible packaging and labels of all formats from any, even the most difficult materials using offset image technology.
Hot stamping is a standard method in the production of labels and packaging. Our printing house uses embossing Cartes device that is most prone to drawing images with high detail and a solid structure.

You printing quality services needed for the production of labels and packaging industry? FLEXLABEL company knows how to create practical packaging materials and labels with high aesthetic qualities. We - perfectionists and always strive to comply with the order in the details. Therefore, it is important for us to use the best raw material and advanced equipment to create products that really would be useful to our clients.