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Booklet labels

Printing FlexLabel produces printing on roll materials for various industrial areas: pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, perfumery and cosmetic products, food products. its production we use a wide variety of synthetic and other materials. For pharmaceutical products, we offer full color printing on the blister foil. Printing on roll materials - is a fast and reliable way to produce really large amounts of labels. Modern printing equipment capable of producing high-quality images by the method of flexography. That made the process of creating flexographic printing industrial labels a simple, fast and affordable. Printing on rolled materials is much cheaper to manufacture than any other form of packaging for industrial goods. At the same time, produced after printing a label can then be subjected to any additional impact - lamination, creation and other fringe. Flexographic printing involves the use of a large number of colors and shades, which guarantees you a production of labels with high quality detailed images.