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Labels on food

Today, it is impossible to manufacture food products without the use of labels. Labels on food products have a number of very important and useful features. First of all, they provide information that the buyer should know about the products. Thus, the manufacturer must comply with the law that requires the report to the composition, production date, the energy value of the product as well as contact information for the company Manufacturer (distributor, franchise, etc.). However, at the same time, food labels perform another very important function, which aims to attract a buyer. Definitely, when we look at the shelves with the products in the supermarket, the first our focus falls on the packaging of the goods. Therefore, concepts such as originality and beauty labels of food products have long been one of the most important tools for the implementation of commercial purposes. You want to create high-quality and practical labels on products? Among Flexlabel you will be offered a special package of services for the production of the product label.

The company produces labels Flexlabel food from a variety of paper types and synthetic materials. Among these materials can be found and matte varnishing cardboard, matt and glossy paper, synthetic materials, including PP, PE. PET and nylon. Also, the widespread use of found semi-gloss finish, the main advantage of which is that it does not fade in the sun and a little exposed to the environment.

When you create a label for food, we observe a number of technical rules. In particular this applies to the physical properties of the future of packaging for food products. Quality label must be resistant to moisture and grease. It must maintain the attractiveness at all temperatures and during transportation. Flexlabel Company produces labels of any shape and complexity of production. Our products are designed for many and small series production. We are also creating product labels that are easy to apply with the use of applicators and marking devices.