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Flexlabel Company provides a choice of coders from the company Blitz - a leading Italian manufacturer. Here you can buy coders for printing self-adhesive labels of widely used shapes and sizes. This mechanical device is ideal for easy and convenient batch printing labels on the goods and any other items.

Markers used to set the necessary protocol information to the plane of the label. Thus, with the help of marking devices, you can enter information about the date, the price of product, batch number, code and more. Here you can buy coders in the design which includes dial-up roller that allows to type alphanumeric characters in one, two or three rows. Dialed font is easy to read and easy to distinguish even after a long period of time. Markirator - is easy to use device that can greatly facilitate the process of labeling large quantities of goods and any other industrial facilities. The unit has a beautiful modern design and is able to operate without interference over a long period of time.