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Thermal transfer ribbon for your printer

Flexlabel company provides wide range of thermal transfer ribbons of all kinds. This type of web material is indispensable in the printing industrial labels. Thermal transfer ribbon has a dye layer, which is used in thermal printer to create a color image. Here you can buy a ribbon of any color. The most popular are red, black, green, blue and yellow ribbon ribbon. Through automated process printing with thermal transfer printer, you can in a short period of time to produce a large number of labels. These labels will be of high quality images. Thermal transfer ribbon ribbon capable of making color images with a lot of small details, so that you will be able to create a truly original label and place it on the most relevant information.

The process of creating labels using thermal transfer ribbons is quite simple. The tape consists of a ribbon and ink carrier film. Under the influence of thermo printer transfers the image to the material, which is chosen as a basis for the future of the label. To create a color image, the press is put thermal transfer ribbon tape, which stains the label. The main labels may be glossy and semi-gloss paper, and various synthetic materials.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Do you need? Refer to Flexlabel service professionals and you are sure to find the required ribbon. We have products for all standard sizes of tape, any diameter and length. in addition, depending on the products that you will be marked, we can provide different types of tape with adhesive.