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Thermal printer for printing labels

Price tags, labels, stickers and codes are a natural component of any organization of the sales area. Regardless of the size of your store, you definitely need to buy a thermal printer for printing labels. Thanks to this you can save yourself from the constant need to contact the service for printing custom labels. In addition, thermal labels - a real necessity, not a luxury in today's market. Company Flexlabel sells thermal printers from German producer CAB. For large retail chains need to print price tags and labels in large volumes. To do this, use the appropriate thermal labels, designed for printing high-quality series. Specificity of thermal printer - simple and very secure. For the production of labels are used different types of web materials. The thermal print head produces the characters (letters, numbers) and the image on the paper, which has increased sensitivity to temperature. Therefore, under the influence of heat it gets dark, and quality thermal printer is able to make these images even, corresponding to all norms printing. In this way. thermal label printer does not use dyes and create completely harmless products, which can be used in most commercial and industrial cases.